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“Yargılamak için bilmek, bilmek için anlamak, anlamak içi dinlemek gerekir. Dinlemeyen insanın yargılamaya da hakkı yoktur.” Konfüçyüs

New Generation Education

Today's world is in a rapid change. In this process, change affects every area. All our production and consumption habits are under the influence of this change. With the increase in technological developments, education is one of the most affected areas. It may soon be necessary to leave the traditional education place to online education. There are many reasons for this.

The first and most important reason is instant communication. The teacher has the advantage of lecturing in virtual classrooms with the student. Interaction in online education is much faster than traditional education. Students can establish interaction groups among themselves, they can answer questions and share content in these groups. The teacher can share many documents with the students instantly. The teacher can prepare assignments in many formats and direct them to his students via the digital system. Teacher can provides feedback on the results of these assignments. In traditional learning, documents are generally in printed form. The fact that the lessons make on the outputs and printed books slows things down a lot.

Secondly, online education has a positive effect on the education budget. In traditional education, the student has expenses such as school installments, food and beverage, transportation and stationery. Schools had rent, electricity, water, heating and employee expenses. When we consider all these expenses, it provides great comfort to the education budget thanks to online education. A student who takes his education in virtual classrooms does not have to wear formal clothes. Schools, on the other hand, can reach more students with less teachers as the effectiveness of online education increases day by day. Course contents can be archived so that the student can access this information at any time.

Finally, online education provides the student with flexibility. It has the opportunity to manage student time in online education. Employees can watch the lessons they missed later on the system and correct their deficiencies. They can attend classes in the workplace, at home, in the cafe or in the library. Thanks to mobile communication, it is possible to become independent from the space. For example, this flexibility provides great advantages for students who are married. Students who do not have to go to school can spend more time learning. The number of students dropping out may decrease. The number of those who attend school in some way in life increases.

In the light of the above, I can say that online education has many advantages over traditional education. A quality education is everyone's right and access to this education is only possible on the online platform. The online system closes the distance. Thus, it increases the number of participation. Education is an important chance, this should be used well.

Günün sözü

Herkes doğru insanı bulmak ister yanılmamak için. Oysa kimse uğraşmaz doğru insan olmak için. Sigmund Freud

The word of the day

If you want to shine like the sun, first burn like to sun.

Günün tespiti

“Aptalları rencide edin. Bundan sonraki süreçte sessiz kalmaları, fikir sunmamaları, hem onlar için hemde sizler için daha faydalı olacaktır.”

Günün tespiti

“Tam uykuya dalarken aklıma çok güzel cümleler geliyor. Kalkıp yazacak dermanım, sabaha kadar saklayabilecek hafızamın olmaması çok kötü bir şey.”

English Slang

ASAP: As Soon As Possible
ATM: At The Moment
B4: Before
BRB: Be Right Back
BBL: Be Black Later
BBS: Be Back Soon
BTW: By The Way
FYI: For Your Information
HRU: How Are You?
IMO: In My Opinion
L8R: Later
LOL: Laughing Out Loud
LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off
LMK: Let Me Know
NP: No Problem
PLS: Please
SBY: Somebody
STH: Something
THX: Thanks
TMI: Too Much Information
TTYL: Talk To You Later
WKND: Weekend
WTF: What the fuck?
XOXO: Hugs and kiss

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